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Silverthorn Stock Horses

He wears a 95cm double thickness light chestnut tail

Thalaba Oliver from Gundale Stud

wears a 75cm pure black double tail


Impressa Double thickness Dark Chestnut false tail 95cm

Impressa Tail Demonstration...

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How to put in your New Impressa Tail...

Forelocks available in 10", 12" or 15" in all false tail colours or custom made.

Horse Hair for mane rosettes - you can buy horse hair that is a match to your horses mane so you can do full rossetts where your horses mane has been rubbed. note - you will need a small amount of mane to work with.

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False Horse Tails...


  • We make sure we have a good range of 75cm and 95cm tapered end tails ready to send to you so you can cut to the exact tail length needed.
  • Custom sizes available for miniatures and ponies to Large horses

You can cut the tails just like real horse hair for a straight finish or to make them shorter to suit your ponies tail.


You'll Love our handmade real horse hair quality tails! They come in a range of sizes to suit your needs ready for posting today or custom made...


  • SINGLE - for those horses and ponies who have a nice tail and just need a little bit extra for a complete full look.
  • DOUBLE - for those horses and ponies who need a bit extra to create a full tail for the show ring
  • TRIPLE - for those horses and ponies who are lacking or do not have a tail will need this triple tail or if you want a really full tail!