SINGLE thickness False Tails


The Single thickness tail will suit most horses & ponies that have a good tail but just need a little extra. Browse our gallery for photos of beautiful tails...or Contact us to enquire into which thickness may suit your horse best.

THICKNESS: Single, 170g

SIZE: standard is 75cm + 2cm for connection loop.

  Extension size 95cm + 2cm for connection loop.

  Measuring the false tail size needed - measure from 5cm above end of tailbone (where you would attach false tail) to where you would like the tail to end. You can cut any false tail just like normal horse hair (as that is what it is). cut it to size for you pony, cut it straight for your hack or leave it with the natural tapered end.


  • Pure Black
  • Chestnut (Light, Medium & Dark)
  • Multicolours (black, brown, chestnut, creams)
  • Grey (Light Medium & Dark)
  • Pure white
  • Cream or Light or Dark

  We have a colour to suit your horse or pony! 

  Contact us for any questions :

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EXAMPLE OF A HORSE WITH AND WITHOUT FALSE TAIL - SINGLE THICKNESS (for all thicknesses please go to the gallery page)