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EXAMPLE OF A HORSE WITH AND WITHOUT A FALSE TAIL - TRIPLE THICKNESS (for more photos of diffrent thicknesses please go to the gallery page).

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TRIPLE Thickness False Tails

The Triple thickness false tail will suit horses or ponies with little to no tail to help create a natural tail or for an ultra thick show tail.. Browse our gallery or Contact us to enquire as to what thickness would best suit your horse.

THICKNESS: Triple, 510g

SIZE: Standard 75cm + 2cm connection loop

Extended 95cm + 2cm connection loop

Custom also available or just cut your tail to the perfect size.


  • Pure Black - Always in stock 75cm - NEXT DAY DELIVERY
  • Chestnut (Light, Medium & Dark)
  • Multicolours (Black, Brown, Chestnut, Creams)
  • Grey (Light, Medium & Dark)
  • Pure White
  • Cream or white with black hairs

We have a colour to suit your horse or pony!

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